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How Much Space Is Enough Room?

    We get that question a lot!  It depends.  Between 400 SF and 700 SqFt.  per
    person is typically comfortable.  However, we do have some clients that
    have only two people in a an over 4000 square foot home (2000 square feet
    per person) with a lot of entertaining space.  Some clients only want at
    least 2000 square feet minimum to ensure the master suite has sufficient
    size and amenities to meet their needs.  We also have retirees that 
    demand no less than 1500 SqFt per person (around 3000 SqFt); however it 
    typical that retirement style homes have only two bedrooms and are often
    far less than 2000 square feet.  Generally speaking, the smaller the house
                                                           the lower maintenance and utility costs and your footprint on the local
environment. Call us and ask us or let us take you out and show you what different sizes in homes feel like!

Do you want access to listings?  Contact us with your email and phone number and we will have someone call you right back. After you consult with your lender with today's lending guidelines, let us make you a portal with your budget. You also have 'tabs' you can click on for an aerial photo view and transaction history (prior sales) on the properties.  This self-paced method of purchasing is extremely popular.  Some use it to monitor their neighborhood or passively watch for the right opportunity for up to a year.  

This is the live, living breathing MLS Listings with Price Reductions, New Listings, Status Changes and more.

You can click on 'tabs' for an aerial photo view, transaction history (prior sales), lot size and other assessor data including valuation and taxes!

Keep in touch with your agent by clicking on a 'smiley face' for your favorites.  When it comes time to look, your agent can just print and go!  Speed is very important in the market right now.  Act now if you want to get into the hot Phoenix market.  The market recovered and has been increasing since the first quarter of 2012. 

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